Interview – Brighton alt-rock band Glass City Vice

Glass City Vice are an alternative rock band from Brighton, England. The band consists of Josh Oliver (vocals and guitar), Ed Lytton Cobbold (vocals and guitar), Dudley Powell (bass) and Lawrie Miller (drums).

The band played at Space Bar in Newcastle on Friday 5th October, and Indie Dependent blogger Emily Hutchinson caught up with the band before the show. Here’s what they had to say.

Emily: What is tour life like?

Josh: It can be a bit grim sometimes.

Dudley: It’s not like the sort of cliché luxury.

Josh: We sleep on a lot of floors.

Dudley: We manage to find places to stay, so we don’t have to stay in the van so much.

Josh: It’s fun, though, playing a show every night for, like, two weeks.

Lawrie: We meet new people right [up from Brighton] to Scotland, which is hundreds of miles from where we’re from.

Ed: It’s basically a road trip with your mates, but you get to play gigs.

Emily: Which venue do you most wish you could play?

Lawrie: Brixton Academy.

Dudley: I want to say something a bit left-field, like Jools Holland.

Josh: Koko in Camden.

Ed: You can laugh at me for this, but… Knebworth.

Emily: Who inspired you to become a band?

Josh: Lawrie, can I say the obvious here? Probably You Me At Six. Well, not inspired us to become a band, but we definitely look up to them as someone who we’d like to be. Then we’ve all got our own individual influences. But it’s not like we want to be them, but we see what they’ve done, so it’s more clear to us.

Brighton alt-rock band Glass City Vice
Above: Glass City Vice

Emily: How did you come up with your band name?

Ed: Basically, if you think about Twitter and Facebook and how everyone’s obsessed with sharing everything at the same time. It’s the whole social network; it’s sort of a metaphor for a glass city and how everyone’s addicted to sharing everything in a vice, hence the vice. It’s like everyone has a ‘glass city vice’.

Emily: Which song do you wish you’d wrote?

Josh: Too many.

Dudley: “Jesus Christ” by Brand New.

Lawrie: “Deer” by Manchester Orchestra.

Josh: Pretty much anything by Foo Fighters. Maybe “Monkey Wrench”.

Ed: A song at the moment that I really like, called “Me And My Lovers” by All Get Out. It’s just that the chorus is awesome.

Emily: Which artist do you wish you could collaborate with?

All: Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra.

Emily: Where do you see your band in the next few years?

Dudley: Definitely still touring. Technically nothing will have changed, just it will be bigger in every aspect. Bigger venues, more people, more exposure. Playing with bigger bands.

Josh: Aiming to not have to hold on to a part-time job as well.

Lawrie: Doing it full-time.

Shortly after the interview, Glass City Vice took to the stage to to do an hour-long intimate set.

Even though it was a short set, they seemed to have a great time ending their In My Head tour. Local bands opened up for the Brighton lads; including Hardwood Drive and Futurelights, both doing original covers of You Me At Six songs in their set as well as a number of original tracks.

Later, Glass City Vice took to the stage, where they played their hearts out for the eager crowd that had assembled. In their set they included the tour’s title track “In My Head”, as well as songs better-known by their fans, such as “Limelight” and “Clarity”.

If you haven’t heard Glass City Vice before, I would recommend that you check them out.

Glass City Vice’s official website is available here, and you can follow the band on Twitter at @GlassCityVice.