Pierce The Veil Interview: 1st June 2013

Pierce The Veil, a post hard-core band, from San Diego played O2 academy on 1st June; Emily Hutchinson caught up with Lead Singer Vic Fuentes and Bassist Jaime Preciado before the show.

As this is your second UK tour since ‘Collide With The Sky’ was released – has the response to the album been any different?
Jaime: I think we were more surprised on the first tour but the first couple of shows of this tour, we’ve realised the fans have started to multiply.
Vic: Yeah, this new record has taken us to different places in the world and given us new tours. As a band, we never really had much going on over here before this album came out now we have a bunch of fans. It’s been awesome.

Before coming over here, you were on the road with All Time Low, Mayday Parade and You Me At Six-What was that like?
Vic: Awful hate those guys [laughs] no it was the best tour we’ve ever done.
Jaime: Going into that tour we knew all the dudes from the bands. We’ve toured with them before or met them on Warped Tour.
Vic: We made that tour ourselves, we thought that we’d get all our friends on it, it was cool.

Has this UK tour been any different to other tours?
Vic: Yeah, first of all we’ve never played a UK/Europe festival and we got to play the Slam Dunk Festivals recently. We’ve been trying to get into that stuff for a long time. This tour has been kind of like solidifying the fan base over here and taking the next step, so hopefully when we come back here it will be a new tour. It just shows that we can be over here and do headline shows.

What’s tour life like?
Vic: We spend all day trying to make our bathroom on the bus tolerable.
Jaime: Tour busses are a little different over here than they are in the states, and for some reason the bathroom has this distinct smell of a weird chemical.
Vic: It seems that if you lit a match the whole place would just explode.
Jaime: No it’s been good; I think this is the longest we’ve spent in the UK, doing our headline tour and the Slam Dunk Festivals. It’s definitely been awesome.
Vic: I think all the bands have been great. We’ve met up with friends- the Bring Me the Horizon guys in Sheffield; they took us out into their home town for some drinks and stuff.

There are some big names on the album – What was it like collaborating with Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), Jason Butler (Letlive.) and Lindsey Stamy (Oh No Fiasco)?
Vic: We never actually met Kellin before recording the song. It was really brought together by the fans, they just kept tweeting us asking to do a song together. So while we were recording ‘Collide With The Sky’ we contacted Kellin and made it all happen. It was really cool; we loved what he did on it.
Jaime: With Jason, we were touring with his band; we did a co-headline tour with them (Letlive.) and Miss May I. They were the one band we found, our drummer was listening to their stuff, we watched some videos of theirs and they were just really awesome. That just came through touring with them guys. Jason is just awesome, he was playing a show in San Diego and recorded it in our living room in like a couple of hours then sent it off to the producers.
Vic: Lindsey was actually recording with her band. Oh No Fiasco, in the same recording studio as us at the same time. So we kind of just know them from there, then we heard her sing, she was just so good. Luckily we needed a girl vocalist on one of the parts and she killed it.

Who inspired you to become an artist?
Vic: My dad taught me in the beginning to play guitar and that got playing music. Then after that I started getting into a lot of fast circle pit, crazy music.
Jaime: I didn’t really have just one person do it. When I was younger I used to play trumpet in the school band, then my uncle gave me a guitar and went ‘Do this, chicks dig guitars not trumpets’. So I did what he said, but I think just going to shows then I was younger and just really loving that atmosphere. I always had that place to go, now I get to do it every day it’s awesome.

Is there one song you wish you had written?
Vic: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen, I love that song.
Jaime:  Whitney Houston – ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ or anything by Hall and Oats, those guys were just so groovy.

Is there one artist dead or alive you wish you could collaborate with?
Vic: I would lie to get Grice back together and do a little collaboration with them.
Jaime: I would just like to have that band on top again. They were just so good.

Is there any particular venue you wish to play in the future?
Jaime: I want to play Academy1 someday. We’ve played the top room a bunch and sold it out twice as well. There are kids outside asking us to put them on guest list because they’ve been trying to get tickets for the past couple of months and just couldn’t do it.
Vic: I think that’s what part of the story is about, just climbing the ladder. If we sell out this whole tour then next tour for sure we’ll be going to some bigger rooms.
Jaime: I also realised that in the UK that you have a room that has a 400 cap and there’s a 2500 cap room, there’s no middle- not like a 1000 cap room. But maybe someday we’ll do two nights or something.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
Jaime: New records
Vic: Just keep putting out new records, getting better and better as we personally try and make ourselves better. Jaime will probably have more grey hair [laughs].
Jaime: I’ll probably have more hair, maybe a beard. No, I can’t grow beard. But for certain trying to get a new record out that tops this one.

Any plans for after this tour?
Vic: South America
Jaime: First we get more than two weeks off that we haven’t got since January so we’re really excited to put our feet up. I’m going to sleep for three days. Then we get to go to South America.
Vic: South America and after that some dates we haven’t announced yet.
Jaime: We’ll probably be touring till the end of the year. We might even come back here if you’re lucky you never know.

And Finally, Can you tell us your funniest joke?
Jaime: I wasn’t really prepared. Now see what’s happening is I have a million jokes running through my head.
Vic: I love the super cheesiest jokes.  What did the olive say when it fell off the table?
Jaime: There are two Muffins in the oven, one muffin goes ‘man it’s hot in here’. The other muffin says ‘OMG a talking muffin’.

Shortly after the whole band took to the stage to a sold out O2 Academy2 playing song from their new album and older albums. Their stage presence reflected onto the audience as everyone was singing every word of the songs making what Pierce The Veil do every day worthwhile for them.

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Article by Emily Hutchinson

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