Adele Stops Live Concert To Ask Fan To Stop Filming

Image Credit: Billboard

During her live show in Verona last Sunday, Adele paused the planned schedule to single out a lady who was attempting to record the event.

After she had said she was glad it had stopped raining, Adele singled out the woman and asked her “Can you take your tripod down?”, claiming that it was a “real show” and not a DVD.
She also said that she’d prefer the woman to enjoy the show rather than watching it through the recording equipment, as there was “lots of people outside that couldn’t come in.”

Many followers on Twitter congratulated Adele saying that she had done the right thing, and it also lead some users, such as @hellogiraffe25, to question how the lady managed to even get the professional recording equipment and tripod into the event in the first place:

Ironically, the whole event was recorded by another fan at the event, which we have included for your viewing pleasure!

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