Britain Votes to LEAVE the European Union

Image Credit: The Leave Party

After months of arguments on both sides of the referendum, the votes have now been counted and have revealed that Britain will be LEAVING the European Union.
After voting closed at 10pm yesterday evening, the votes from each polling station were carried to the counting stations, where the votes were all counted up.
This is the first time that Britain will be separate from the EU after 43 years of being a member, which some people are calling a “historic referendum”.

However, many people are not happy about this decision, as the results were extremely close.
48.1% of voters wished to remain in the EU, while 51.9% wanted to leave, which leaves a difference of only 1,269,501 people out of the 33,551,983 people that voted in the referendum!

In other news, do you remember how Nigel Farage said that the NHS would get an extra £350 million per week from what we would save from the EU?

When talking about his victory this morning, Farage appeared on the ITV show, Good Morning Britain, where he told Susanna that it was ‘a mistake’, although he did explain what happened, and that there will be other benefits to leaving.

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