Newcastle Drivers Infuriated By New Bus Lane Camera On John Dobson Street

Image Credit: Newcastle Chronicle

Newcastle drivers have been left feeling very angry after a new bus lane camera has been installed on John Dobson Street has caught out over 20,000 drivers in the last 3 months since it was set up.

Drivers have said that they didn’t even know that the route was now a bus lane, as there was not enough signs prior to the beginning of the bus lane, and the temporary signs were hardly visible within the current roadworks going on there. They also stated that if a driver was to spot the bus lane, their only option would be to go into a dead end by turning left, causing more congestion as they’d have to then turn around.

Locals have also complained that it blocks a very important route to both the RVI Hospital and Newcastle Civic Centre. There could also be a huge impact on local businesses as drivers might decide to go elsewhere if it takes too long to get into Newcastle City Centre. Local worker, Ashley Earnshaw (27), has set up a petition to have the cameras removed, and it now has over 500 signatures in just a few days.

It is estimated that, as a result of these fines, Newcastle City Council could have gained between £400,000 and £600,000 from unsuspecting motorists.

A spokesperson for Newcastle City Council has said that the cameras were required on the street, with over 160,000 bus passengers going through it every day. They have said that they have installed appropriate amounts of warning signs and made sure cars can still access the areas through normal roads.

They also said that “We expect that the number of people contravening the regulations will reduce. Our figures show that 80% of drivers who receive penalties do not repeat their behaviour.”

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