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Alternation was an alternative music show that broadcasted every Monday from 6 til 8PM, and having aired for over five-and-a-half years, was one of the longest-ever running shows on the NE1fm schedule. 

Starting out as a largely music-focused programme hosted by Barry Wilson, Alternation has evolved into a show featuring regular guests, co-hosted by Barry and Lee Harrison and, for a short time, TY McFly.

The show features a mixture of alternative music styles, including rock, metal, indie and punk, with many of the bands featured unsigned or lesser-known to the wider world.

Guests on Alternation include musicians, as well as figures from the local sports scene and comedians. Many guests appeared multiple times, establishing a rapport with the show and gaining significant exposure through their appearances.

The show has connections to the local professional wrestling organisation IWF, for whom Barry acted as ring announcer, making it one of only a few British radio shows to cover the field.

Meanwhile, in football, co-presenter Barry’s passion for Gateshead F.C. offers the club significant on-air coverage during its rise through the football pyramid in recent years.

One additional regular feature on the show of note is the “We Shouted Slayer On Alternation” club, as joined by the members of an eclectic range of bands plus other presenters from across the station.

Alternation has been covered by local media on numerous occasions, as well as by the BBC and magazines such as Elite. The show also works with various events, including a “Battle Of The Bands” event in 2011.

At the time of the programme’s break from NE1fm in December 2012, it was one of only three programmes to have featured on NE1fm since the station’s launch in June 2007.

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Show Name

Previous Broadcast Time
Mondays, 6-8 PM

Barry Wilson
Lee Harrison
TY McFly

First Broadcast
June 2007

Alternative, rock, metal, unsigned bands, interviews, professional wrestling

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