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Hevsta and Casbah present 2 hours of Punk Rock, Synth Pop and New Wave music interspersed with nuggets of truth, some rumours and a little bit of silliness for good measure.

Atomic! was first conceived for NE1fm 102.5 parent station, WeBFM in 1997 and has reappeared on other related stations since then over the years. Previous presenters also include Ken Brady (Wednesday 12-2pm). Atomic was one of the first shows to broadcast on NE1fm 102.5 and has enjoyed numerous seasons since.

Hevsta and Casbah feature various items, including the now infamous “BacktoBacktoBack Clash” which sees Clash tracks played back to back at the half way point in the show (surprisingly).

They are also known to play the odd Blondie song too.

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Show Name

Broadcast Time
Wednesday, 6-8pm

Hev Johnson
Carol Batie

First Broadcast
June 2007 (on NE1fm 102.5)
1997 (on WeB FM)

music, chat

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