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Kev and Nixxi was a weekly Saturday night entertainment show, presented by Kev Atkinson with Nicola “Nixxi” Rutherford from 9 til 11PM.

The show featured dance music from both past and present, along with dubstep, 8bit, pop and R&B, along with interaction in the form of callers and listener requests.

Regular features on the show included a weekly theme which is what the show is based around, Smeggheads, a regular quiz competition between Kev and Nixxi which aired each week at 10PM, and a weekly “Legend Tune” poll to decide which track was played on the following week’s show. Other features on the show included the iPhone Game of the Week, Best of Amazon, Death Frisbee, Siri Tells a Joke and Postal Pizza.

Much of the show revolved around Kev and Nixxi’s official website, which featured a chat room active with listeners during every broadcast incorporating a webcam.

Prior to Kev and Nixxi, which broadcast for 198 shows, Kev Atkinson hosted shows including the former weekend breakfast show The Kanned Weekend on the station. Whilst Nixxi presented on popular Sky TV radio station Pure Dance.[/two_third] [one_third last=”yes”]

Show Name
Kev and Nixxi

Broadcast Time
Saturdays, 9-11 PM

Kev Atkinson
Nicola Rutherford

June 2009 – April 2013

Commercial dance, pop

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