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[two_third last=”no”]Simon Colling, host of NE1 For Rock

NE1 For Rock was a long-running rock music show on NE1fm, live every Sunday at 10AM for four years with Simon Colling.

The main show of its kind on NE1fm throughout its run and one of the station’s most popular shows, NE1 For Rock aired for the final time on Sunday June 24th, 2012.

A wide range of types of rock music from across the musical spectrum featured on the show, with Iron Maiden, Queen, Alice In Chains and The Offspring a small sample of the major artists that the show had to offer.

Along with the biggest rock acts around, NE1 For Rock also offered exposure to smaller and unsigned bands, with every show featuring multiple acts that you might not otherwise have been able to hear.

Presenter Simon Colling also moved outside of the confines of rock on occasion, playing occasional indie, alternative and metal tracks as part of a guitar-led Sunday morning.

NE1 For Rock featured connections with Alternation, whose team often broadcast special cover editions of NE1 For Rock when Simon Colling is away, and was also covered by Positivity‘s David Revett.

Note: This page details a former show, and the information listed here may therefore no longer be up to date. Last updated: June 2012[/two_third] [one_third last=”yes”]

Show Name
NE1 For Rock

Broadcast Time
Sundays, 10-12 AM

Simon Colling

Rock, alternative, local music

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