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Jo Oliver presents an hour of events and music. With gigs, theatre, comedy and more happening all the time in the local area, the hour is always jam packed with things you can go out and experience.

Music comes from the bands who are gigging in the local area, and from Jo Oliver’s personal collection when sometimes it’s appropriate. The music, reflecting the variety of music being played in the local venues, is very eclectic.

Jo Oliver is a music PR, an occasional musician and gig photographer with a background in science. She really loves music, but if you have a science question you want to ask, she likes a challenge! She has been known to be a Saturday goth.

If you are, or know someone who is, a local band performing in the local area, get in touch so other listeners can find out about your gig and hear your music.


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Show Name
The Jowheretogo Show

Broadcast Time
Thursdays, 10-12pm

Joanne Oliver

First Broadcast
October 2013

music, interviews, whats on

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