Interview – Elissa Franceschi

Author: Emily Hutchison

Over the past year, I have had my eyes opened to a wonderful singer/songwriter, Elissa Franceschi. Elissa recently created a pledge page which allowed fans to contribute towards the recording of her new EP, anything from buying the ‘Salt’ EP to purchasing handwritten lyrics sheets and even private concerts.

I recently had the opportunity to hold an interview with her over email. Here’s how it went:

Emily: What was it like having such a huge response to your pledge page?
Elissa: It was amazing and I didn’t expect it!

Emily: What was the response to ‘Into the Light’ like?
Elissa: It seemed good, that albums been out 2 years in June though, so now it’s all about the new material.

Emily: What was it like collaborating with James (from Deaf Havana) and Josh (You Me At Six) on the album?
Elissa: Wonderful, James is a joker and great vocalist and josh is a pro.

Emily: What was it like recording the ‘Salt’ video with your brother Josh?
Elissa: A very long day but I was in my element, if the song writing doesn’t work out I might try directing music videos, I love the process.

Emily: What artist inspired you to become a singer/songwriter?
Elissa: I think listening to Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos and Jeff Buckley showed me there are possibilities to write raw honest songs – saying that I’m a 90’s teenager and pop was awesome then.

Emily: What venue do you most wish you could play?
Elissa: There’s a canyon somewhere in the states Mumford and sons did it, a gig at sunset in the canyons that’s my dream.

Emily: Is there one artist, dead or alive, you wish you could collaborate with?
Elissa: John Mayer then we’d have an affair and Katy Perry would sl*g me off in her new album haha.

Emily: Which song do you wish you had written?
Elissa: Someone like you by Adele I’ve written so many similar it kills me.

Emily: Any artist you’re listening to at the moment we should look out for?
Elissa: Leanne La Havas and AlunaGeorge.

Emily: Is there any artist you would like to play with? Possibly supporting or them supporting you?
Elissa: James F***** Arthur. Get in touch. It would be magical.

Emily: Where do you see yourself within the next year?
Elissa: Singing with James Arthur hopefully on a tour bus out of here.

Emily: And finally can you tell our readers your best joke?
Elissa: Life is one big joke, that’s the god’s honest truth.

You can keep up to date with Elissa’s tour and recording of the new EP at: