Beyoncé performs in Sunderland tonight!

Image Credit: TicketMaster

On the 28th June, the 34 year-old “irreplaceable” American superstar will be kicking off the UK part of her 2016 formation world tour by performing live at the Stadium Of Light here in Sunderland!

The performance was a sell-out, with  all 40,000+ seats taken. Ticket prices ranged from £53.89, to a whopping £609.40 for this potentially ‘Once In A Lifetime; opportunity, though we hope she’ll come back in the future!

This is her ‘first time’ performing at the Stadium of Light, so we are very happy that she has decided to perform here this ‘Summertime’.

The tour will be focused mainly around the new Lemonade, though it will also feature some of her great songs from the past!

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For a sneak preview of the tour, here is a video of the opening night in Myelin Park, Miami on April 27th!