We want Newcastle & Gateshead to discover YOUR business. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of advertising on NE1fm 102.5

Connect with local customers. We love Newcastle and Gateshead. which is why we broadcast exclusively to Newcastle and Gateshead on 102.5 FM. Do you want local customers to discover what you’ve got to offer? Advertising on NE1fm means you’re not wasting your money on reaching listeners where your business isn’t operating. Local listeners are tuned in every day and ready to hear what amazing things you’re advertising, let’s work together to help them find you.

Advertise in the right place at the right time. Radio talks to people at the right time and place. For example, we can advertise your car dealership during Drivetime when people are in their cars. Radio talks to people who are just one click away. 20% of radio listeners are surfing the web at the same time*. Promote your website on air and people will flock to it instantly. More effective than Press, Direct Mail and Internet Advertising. People listening to the radio don’t avoid adverts, unlike in papers where they are often overlooked.

*Source: Clark Chapman Research 2006/RAB

Make the most of your marketing budget. For every £1 you spend on radio advertising, you’ll see a return of £7.70*. That’s considerably more than the return you would receive on Press, Online or Outdoor advertising. And if you don’t currently advertise anywhere, radio couldn’t be a better place to start.

*Source: RAB The Radio Multiplier Survey

Get the right advertisement package that’s right for you. We’ve got some fantastic affordable advertisement packages available for local businesses in Newcastle & Gateshead. Email our dedicated sales team now for a brief advertising introduction email and find out how your business will benefit from having adverts on NE1fm 102.5.

We’ve got some incredible packages starting at just £50 so get in touch now and let’s work together to promote your business.


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