Show Profiles – Dave’s Music Cafe

‘Dave’s Music Café’ is an all – inclusive venue for our listeners to enjoy an eclectic range of music, live every Sunday at 12PM.

Hour one dazzles you with a wonderful blend of music from the world of theatre and film, with the occasional showtune from a bygone era. There’s also a round – up of local theatre events, as well as ‘Sound of Disney’, ‘Platinum Soundtrack’, and ‘The A-Z of Film Composers’.

Hour two serves up an exciting mix of classic hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. All those songs you know so well and love, but may not have heard in a while. It’s like candy for the ears! There’s also the ‘Classic Album Rewind’, your local community events, and a listener’s ‘Guilty Pop Pleasure’.

Assured to brighten up and enliven your Sunday afternoon, everyone is welcome into ‘Dave’s Music Café ‘ every Sunday between 12 and 2pm.