Show Profiles – The Lunchtime Special

The Lunchtime Special

The Lunchtime Special is NE1fm 102.5’s daily magazine show, aired every Tuesday from midday until 2PM and featuring music, local news, and interviews and features with guests from the local community.

Leon Moat hosts the Tuesday edition of the show, with a range of music and featured artists of the week, along with interviews, community news and features such as his ‘Country music’ and ‘Local music’ spots.

Presented each time by a different presenter with their own unique take on the slot, The Lunchtime Special focuses on topics including healthy living and lifestyle, local community issues, sport and other matters of interest to listeners in the area.

Each show also has a range of music, as well as information on what’s on in Newcastle and Gateshead over the coming days, and what’s been happening locally in the days previous.

Ken Brady used to present the Wednesday edition, he presented 2 hours of community features, interviews and guests. Gerry Toon Geordie now presents in this time slot with topic, debate as well as fantastic music.

On Friday’s, The Lunchtime Special was hosted by Mark Percy until August 2014.

The Lunchtime Special was first aired in May 2011 on Fridays only, with the Tuesday and Wednesday editions added in September of the same year. A Thursday edition also aired until April of 2012 and a Monday edition until August.