Show Profiles – The Sports Zone

Newcastle United's Demba Ba in a match against Swansea City in 2011

The Sports Zone is Newcastle upon Tyne’s most in-depth sports broadcast, featuring three hours of coverage from across the sporting world every Saturday from 2 til 5PM.

Presented by Rob Pears since the launch of NE1fm 102.5, The Sports Zone contains detailed coverage of on-going live sporting events, as well as a look back at recent sports news and a look forward to what’s coming up in the near future.

The broadcast features live updates from reporters at on-going Premier League matches, meaning that you won’t miss any of the goals, while the final scores are also fully covered shortly before 5PM at the end of the show.

Although the most popular sports in the area are given the most attention on the programme, Rob also delves into more niche offerings, including a look at what’s been happening across the pond in American sports, and other tidbits of news that you may not hear elsewhere are also presented.

Local sports are also tended to on The Sports Zone, with both the larger teams, such as Newcastle United and Newcastle Falcons, and smaller local sides covered throughout the programme.

Presenter Rob Pears is uniquely fully blind, and besides from being commended for his work on The Sports Zone since 2007, has also featured in a short documentary, Blind Ambition, which can be viewed on YouTube.

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The Sports Zone is broadcast every Saturday from 2 til 5PM across Newcastle upon Tyne on Gateshead on 102.5 FM, as well as online via this website.

Credit to Mike Brown for the photo from Newcastle United versus Swansea City.